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Preventing Influenza

Can I do anything to prevent myself getting it?

Every year you can ask your doctor to vaccinate you against the flu. As the influenza virus changes frequently, new vaccine against the new virus is made every year. To get your immunity to the new virus you will need to get the new vaccine. The flu is very easily spread by sick people who cough and sneeze.



Vaccinations are Free or subsidised for some

Vaccination is free for people aged 65 years and over, and adults and children with certain long-term (chronic) conditions. Your doctor will know if you are eligible for a free vaccination.

Who is eligible for Free Vaccinations?

Find out more about Seasonal Influenza including who is currently eligible for free vaccinations here


Some employers also subsidise or pay for flu vaccinations to maximise employees immunities.

Are there any other ways to prevent influenza other than vaccination?

Yes, certain drugs may help to prevent influenza in high-risk persons or their caregivers who need protection during an influenza outbreak, but who have not been vaccinated. Your local GP should be consulted about the use of these drugs.


Minimising Risk of Spread

To reduce the chances of spreading the flu there are also things you can do, such as ensuring good health hygiene habits.

    If you have the flu, you should

  • Stay home from work
  • Avoid public places and close contact with others
  • Always cough and sneeze into a disposable tissue and wash your hands afterwards