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Influenza Information

Introducing This Page

This page provides you with links to webpages containing up-to-date Influenza information

Ministry of Health Influenza Page

Official Information Resource

Official Ministry of Health Pandemic Influenza Page: www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/influenza


An influenza pandemic occurs when a new strain of influenza virus emerges, spreading around the world and infecting many people at once.

The Ministry of Health is working with the health sector and other Government agencies to ensure New Zealand is as prepared as possible for a potential pandemic.

These web pages provide latest updates, background information, FAQs and guidelines and advice on issues like how to prepare for a pandemic influenza, media releases and resources on pandemic influenza plus links to other Government websites with information on pandemic influenza.

Department of Labour Influenza Information

Workplace-Related Information

The Department of Labour has also prepared, and will continue to update, practical, workplace-related information to help businesses prepare for a pandemic. This has been done in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Economic Development and other government agencies.

This information includes: