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January 25, 2006

The Buller Health Report

Dear sir,

Buller Health is an exciting development in health services in the Westport region. It will give the people of the region a service that is able to be more responsive to the needs of patients and staff because it will have a locally based manager and greater financial autonomy.

The 15 people involved in the project steering group, the majority of whom were clinical staff from Buller Hospital and Buller Medical Services, identified a number of risk factors that could affect the success of the project.

The identification of these matters as risks was to highlight for the DHB that it needed to work harder to ensure that the project succeeds, and that is still the intent of the West Coast DHB. We have certainly been heartened by the response of Buller people to the launch of Buller Health, and are excited by the possibilities of delivering improved health care in the future.

At no point during this process has the West Coast DHB stated that the people of Buller have unrealistic expectations - in fact they have been and continue to be realistic, patient and pragmatic and we most certainly appreciate it. However, if individuals developed service expectations that couldn't be met, these might be unfairly blamed on the project and this would be a risk factor.

This organisation takes pride in the services that it is able to provide in the Buller region, and consistently strives to deliver the region with health care to the greatest extent it can, given the resources it has.

The West Coast District Health Board aims to make health services across the entire region an example of rural excellence and the success of Buller Health is a key component in achieving this. We would like to thank all those who have supported this project and who continue to do so.

I have every faith Buller Health will be a success and that this success will be achieved with the support of all those working in health in Buller, the DHB and the community.

Kevin Hague
Chief Executive.

Please check out a full copy of the Buller Health Report on this website.

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