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January 11, 2007

Reefton x-ray services announcement

Since the cessation of x-rays services in Reefton during 2006 the West Coast DHB has considered whether another health professional such as a doctor or nurse could provide this service in a limited capacity.

Unfortunately the professional advice we have received is that without frequent usage the quality of images from the equipment currently located in Reefton would not be of a high enough quality for diagnostic purposes.

The second issue is the current x-ray equipment uses chemicals which can have serious adverse health effects and which can become less stable when the number of x-rays taken is reduced.

Therefore we cannot place staff in a position where they would be exposed to harmful chemicals.

After extensively considering these issues the West Coast District Health Board has decided to remove the x-ray equipment currently located in Reefton.

The DHB will continue look for any new developments in x-ray technology that could allow the reintroduction of this service to Reefton at some point in the future.

For more information please contact
Vikki Carter
Community Liaison Officer
03 768 0499, Extn. 2665
027 245 9595

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