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February 27, 2007

Comment from Gregor Coster
Re: Secondary Care Plan

West Coast District Health Board Chairman Gregor Coster confirmed it was the Board's decision 12 months ago to refer the Grey Base 2020 plan and the proposed draft Secondary Care Plan to the Hospital Advisory Committee for its advice.

The HAC committee, which has public representation, has a statutory responsibility for advising the Board on all matters regarding hospital services.

The Board fully supports the process for management to report on developments concerning these two innovative plans, That includes reporting to the Board on the outcomes of the internal and public consultation.

"Management is following a process that was determined by the Board, and that consultation process is the same as is followed by the majority of DHBs in such circumstances."

Professor Coster said HAC would further consider submissions at its next meeting and Board members would receive a summary report following this.

"I expect that the analysis of the feedback from the internal and public consultation to the Board will be comprehensive, and that the Board will be fully able to make responsible decisions as a result of that feedback."

He said submitters could be assured their submissions will be treated with respect and that their contributions will be considered when changes to the draft Secondary Care Plan were considered.

Professor Coster was disappointed media had not contacted either himself or the Chief Executive before running the article in question which failed to recognise the process which was being followed.

"Had we been contacted we would have reiterated that the Hospital Advisory Committee had been asked by the Board to consider issues surrounding Grey Base 2020 and that management have been following that directive."

All comments attributable to West Coast District Health Board Chairman Gregor Coster.


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