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June 11, 2007


The public may notice some subtle changes at Grey Base Hospital over the next few weeks.

The West Coast District Health Board currently has a number of vacancies for nursing staff and this means the organisation is working with staff to ensure resources are allocated in the most and effective manner.

From July 2 Grey Base Hospital will have vacancies for 15 nurses.

Chief Executive Kevin Hague said the vacancies had reached a point where there was a need develop a contingency plan in order to maintain the balance between clinical safety and usual operations. 

"Safety as always is our number one priority - and we will be matching available nursing resources to patient requirements to maintain safety and quality," Mr Hague said

He said staff were being given the opportunity to provide suggestions and feedback on how best to cover the vacancies while recruitment continued.

"Its likely that patients will notice very little difference to the running of services during this period - however we need to ensure that staff workloads remain at a safe and manageable level.

Mr Hague said the DHB had been actively recruiting for nurses and this would continue.

The DHB had also been in touch with locum agencies.

"Unfortunately due to a nationwide shortage of nurses - we have been unable to recruit locums to the area to cover vacancies while we continue to recruit."

Mr Hague said the vacancies had arisen by some nurses taking up newly created positions within the DHB, retirements and resignations for personal reasons."

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