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June 21, 2007

DHB invests in new CT-Scanner

Clinicians at Grey Base Hospital will soon have new diagnostic tool at their disposal, which will provide significant benefits for patients.

The DHB has invested in the latest in CT- Scanner technology, which will provide clinicians with a greater range of diagnostic imagery.

The new scanner will be particularly beneficial to those involved in emergency medicine as well as general surgery, orthopaedics and oncology. The new scanner will provide much faster and more detailed imaging with the ability to reconstruct anatomy three dimensionally in a much more useful way than the existing machine.

Whilst the existing machine is only 8 years old, significant improvements in CT technology have occurred in this time, leading to the decision to update the scanner in order to maintain and improve patient care.

This update will bring us into line with state of the art imaging that is provided by other DHBs in New Zealand and will mean that West Coast patients will receive imaging as good as anywhere in the country, Charge Radiographer Jason Lister said.

The new machine utilises multislice CT technology which involves the capture of 16 blocks or slices of information a second as opposed to one per second on the existing scanner.

This increase allows much more detailed scans to be created and with the more powerful computers available today these scans can be reassembled into three dimensional models of a patients anatomy that a doctor can use to plan surgery or treatment Mr Lister said.

The CT scanner will be connected to the West Coast DHBs existing digital radiology (PACS) system (installed last year), allowing images to be shared with clinicians in other locations in order to further improve diagnosis and patient care.

It is expected that this machine will be installed an operational during the month of July this year.

West Coast DHB would not disclose the cost of the CT scanner, as the price is commercially sensitive, however Chief Financial Manager, Wayne Champion advised that it was part of a $1 million upgrade of the DHBs radiology systems, which also involved the installation of a digital radiology system in Buller.

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